Story of Mama K * – Follow up and Economic Empowerment

Background Information Mama K had endured abuse from her husband for 4 years, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, things worsened. Though emotionally, physically, and spiritually broken, Mama K knew she had to find the strength to leave to protect her children from the trauma they were experiencing, but she did not have a way out. […]


Story of Kena* -Bruises to Independence

Background Information In a fashion similar to other survivors who shared their emotional stories of abuse, Kena spoke candidly about the events that led her to visit the Accelerate project for treatment and psychosocial support. “My life was hard,” she recalled. “I suffered for a long time,” she said, “but today I stand as the […]

Story of MA on Rescue and Access to Justice

to Justice   CODE MA/2020 NATURE OF CASE Sexual Violence AGE 3 Years LOCATION Kibera Background of the client MA is a three-year-old from Kibera under the care of his single mother.   Intake – Background MA was brought in by his mother and step farther. The child had a swollen face and throat and […]

Story of Brigit – follow up and reintegration.

In the period January to March 2021, GVRC conducted follow up for two survivors who had been referred to Talia Agler girls’ shelter for shelter services and protection. The case studies for the above-mentioned survivors are as follows: CODE BBR 2020 NATURE OF CASE Rape AGE 20 Years LOCATION Kisii Social/family assessment: Both parents are […]