PS Kenya supported the MoH to combat COVID 19. Key activities included:

Supported the MoH to develop the Komesha Corona Okoa Maisha in phase 1, emphasizing handwashing, surface hygiene, social distancing and proper use of masks. In phase two, a campaign dubbed Chanjwa, Pata Chanjo Tuwe Chonjo, emphasized increasing the uptake of COVID-19 vaccination.

PS Kenya further supported a Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) project with funding from WHO in Nairobi County, a hotspot for the COVID-19 pandemic. PS Kenya targeted high volume and high-risk settings, including places of Worship –churches and mosques, entertainment joints/Sports grounds, learning Institutions, matatu terminus Informal and formal workplaces where over 70,000 reached through on-ground activities in December 2021, and 17,969 Kenyans were vaccinated in one month.