Malaria Shujaa campaign

Under USAID HCM, PS Kenya implemented the Malaria Shujaa campaign using regional media, SMS and interpersonal communication.  The Campaign, launched in August 2018, used a blended approach of the surround and engagement strategy incorporated an evidence media mix geared towards maximizing efforts for reach, recall and intent to behave amongst focus targets of pregnant women and caregivers of children under the age of 5 years in priority regions namely Nyanza, Western and Coast.

Mbu Nje Sisi Ndani

 Mbu Nje Sisi Ndani  PS Kenya supported Kenya’s Division of Malaria Control (DMC) department in implementing malaria prevention and control intervention in areas with at least 80% of people living in malaria risk zones on net use campaign. The campaign ensured the target communities slept inside a treated net every night.


Haraka Upesi PS Kenya supported the 3 T strategy (Test, Treat and Track) through the Haraka Upesi campaign Upesi, which directly translates to “Hurry Fast”. The program aimed to increase recognition and response to malaria symptoms by caregivers, especially fever, and improve the Quality of Artemether Lumefantrine (AL) provision by public health service providers. Working with DOMC (now DNMP) and partners, PS Kenya developed communication targeting caregivers of children under five around early symptom recognition, treatment-seeking behaviour, correct administration, and adherence to appropriate anti-malarial medicines dosages>