PS Kenya Celebrates the Power of Maternal Love on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world to express, react, honour, and love mothers. The day is meant to acknowledge and appreciate a mother’s contribution both at family and community level. It is a day that makes people remember the importance and significance of mothers in their lives and is observed as a day to give special emphasis to motherly figures around the world.

“I cherish being a mother because it continuously reminds me that change is constant” stated Dr.Margaret, Chief Executive Officer, PS Kenya.

Mother’s Day was specially observed at PS Kenya with a photo shoot and breakfast. The mothers came together and shared their most memorable parenting moments. Most of them phrased it as a beautiful journey full of love and growth. Not to be outdone, the men in the office sent heartfelt messages to their mothers and even sang the timeless Boys II Men hit song “Mama’.

Through initiatives like DESIP, A360, and Accelerate, PS Kenya supports mothers with linkages to quality health care services and product DESIP aims to increase family planning uptake among poor rural women, adolescents and youth, and persons with disabilities. It ensures that women and girls can safely plan their pregnancies and improve their sexual and reproductive health. Through community engagement and the implementation of family planning education campaigns, the project also promotes the social inclusion of persons with disabilities (PWDS). PS Kenya’s Accelerate project, funded by DANIDA, aims to contribute towards the ICPD25 promise of zero unmet need for contraception, zero preventable maternal deaths, and zero gender-based violence and harmful cultural practices. The project which is active in 13 counties, uses social behaviour modification to strengthen girls and women, decrease Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and improve Sexual Reproductive Health (SRHR).

PS Kenya targets adolescent girls aged 15-19 through the Binti Shupavu project. The project seeks to ignite a society in which every Kenyan girl is empowered to make their own decisions as she plans for the life and families she desires. Binti Shupavu works through community influencers to provide safe spaces for girls where they can learn from each other. The project also encompasses training and co-design programming that pushes adolescents and young mothers beyond learning about their bodies but also towards feeling empowered and equipping them with new skills that link them to economic opportunities.











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