On the 14th of December 2023, compassion enveloped the Nyumbani Children’s Home in Karen as Population Services Kenya (PS Kenya) paid a visit, leaving an indelible mark of support. The visit was marked by a formidable partnership between PS Kenya and Population Services International (PSI), highlighting the importance of community engagement.

Nyumbani Children’s Home, in the heart of Kenya’s metropolis, Karen, in Nairobi County, has been a haven for orphaned and vulnerable children, providing them with not only a roof over their heads but also a nurturing environment to grow and thrive.

The day commenced with a warm welcome from the Nyumbani Children’s Home staff, who expressed their gratitude for the visit. Representatives from PS Kenya, adorned with smiles and a genuine eagerness to make a difference, engaged with the children through various activities and initiatives meant to bring joy and inspiration to their lives.

One of the highlights of the day was a heart-to-heart talk with the kids, where PS Kenya staff and PSI staff spoke out their hearts to the children in a bid to carry hope to their hearts through the vehicle of words.

To be remembered are the sentiments made by Dr. James Rotich, a family planning and reproductive health (RH) specialist, who said, “In this life, we do not choose where we come from, nor do we choose who gives birth to us. We, however, have the power of choice to determine how our future unfolds; mine is to speak life to you; in that, you have all it takes to brighten your future, regardless of the present. We love you and have you in our hearts. Keep your best behaviour, and you will succeed in all you do.”

The Santa team, i.e. PS Kenya and PSI, not only communicated verbally with the chaps but also engaged in fun activities, some of which included dancing, singing, and gaming. These activities lit up the faces of those adorable boys and girls who enthusiastically participated, throwing the leg and throwing the arm as instructed by the respective instructors. An activity that registered a sense of satisfaction in the hearts of the Santa team, whose only expectation was to see them elated.

In addition to the hive of activities, and as part of their commitment to community development, the Santa team also made a generous donation to Nyumbani Children’s Home. The donation included essential commodities such as food items, clothing, and other essentials to ensure that the home is well-equipped to meet the daily needs of the children under its care.

The collaborative effort between Population Services Kenya, Population Services International, and Nyumbani Children’s Home serves as a shining example of how organisations can contribute to the well-being of communities by extending a helping hand and investing in the future of these children.

PS Kenya has demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility and has become a beacon of hope for other organisations to follow. As the echoes of laughter and the warmth of the interactions lingered in the air, it became evident that this collaboration has not only touched the lives of the children but has also set a precedent for meaningful community engagement and social responsibility in Kenya.

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