PS Kenya Cultivates Financial Resilience: Empowering Staff Amidst the December Flurry

We are in a ‘Silly Season’ as commonly referred to by financial experts. A season characterized by impulse buying, merry-making and unnecessary spending and a departure from the frugal habits observed throughout the year. Research documents on Kenyan’s behaviors during festive seasons opens us up to a disturbing spending pattern, revealing a noteworthy focus on food, drinks, gifts and charity.

In the year 2021, most Kenyans spent 34 percent of their money on food and drinks, 30 percent on gifts and presents, 22 percent on Christmas decorations and 23 percent on charity. Quite a disturbing fact.

Against the backdrop of all this, Population Services Kenya (PS Kenya) took a proactive approach towards helping their staff leap over the foreseen December budget abyss by hosting a financial literacy talk facilitated by LeRoy Otenyo from Zamara Kenya.

LeRoy Otenyo during the financial talk with PS Kenya’s staff on the 7th of December 2023

Exemplifying his proficiency and firm grip on the subject matter, LeRoy went ahead mining precious insights from his wealthy reservoir of knowledge leaving his audience not only mesmerized but also widely ajar.

The focal points of this enlightening session included the critical aspects of building a personal portfolio, understanding wealth creation strategies, and the importance of insurance protection.

By addressing these key financial pillars, the talk aimed to empower PS Kenya staff to make informed decisions during the festive season and beyond, fostering financial stability.

During his exposition, LeRoy expertly provided nuggets of fiscal wisdom tailored to not only the specific needs of PS Kenya employees but to both the employed and unemployed folk. The key takeaways included:

Budgeting for Balance: Encouraging the staff to create a realistic budget that accommodates both festive indulgences and financial responsibility.

Mindful Spending: Emphasizing the importance of conscious and thoughtful spending to avoid unnecessary financial strain.

Wealth Evolves Overtime: Making wealth is a process that one has to journey to achieving.

In his words, LeRoy says, “Different people have different strategies that work for them, however, the ultimate solution to financial independence is not more money, as such, it is budgeting and planning.”

Allan Ngunze, PS Kenya’s Human Resource (HR) Director, underscores the need for organizations to systematically set up structures that will equip and empower their staff with requisite financial knowledge. He further stresses that financial stability is a product of harnessing the needed financial knowledge.

“We believe that financial stability is a direct outcome of fostering a deep understanding of financial matters. By providing our employees with the tools and knowledge they need, we’re not only investing in their personal well-being but also contributing to the overall financial health of our organization,” stated Allan Ngunze, HR Director PS Kenya.

Ps Kenya stands at the forefront of promoting financial wisdom among its staff. The organization’s commitment to equipping its workforce with the skills to make sound financial decisions reflects a holistic approach to employee well-being, ensuring that the joy of the season is not overshadowed by financial stress.

This financial talk illuminates a path for employees to navigate the season with financial prudence. The organization’s investment in the financial literacy of its workforce is poised to yield dividends in the form of empowered and financially resilient employees.

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