Picture this: streets adorned with twinkling lights, the scent of African spices, mirroring the excellence of our own natural cuisines, wafting through the air, and the sound of Christmas carols spreading melodies of togetherness.

Friends Christmas is here, a feeling that wraps us in a comforting embrace. This season serves as a reminder that warmth can be found in the smallest of gestures, encouraging us to be kinder, more compassionate, and more appreciative of the beauty that surrounds us.

December 25th 2023 comes presenting an array of well-packaged goodies and pleasantries, but to succeed them all is the warmth and joy that it brings. You will agree that the seasons behind have been quite tumultuous, the absence of warmth was very tangible, and the presence of skin-itching cold was very present. Many felt alone, hope was scarce, and rooms were void of joyous laughter.

As it dawns on us, as bright as it is, we ought to celebrate and cherish it with every fibre of our being because of what it brings. It’s a season to remember the birth of Christ. Oh,  what a refreshing aspect of the festivities to not only remember the dark and lonely nights of the year but also the brighter days of the year.

Christmas provides the opportunity to come together and share not only amongst ourselves but also with those navigating the challenges of vulnerability with resilience and hope. Standing tall, ready to shoulder as many as our palms can carry individually or communally.

As this season unfolds and we prepare to bid farewell to another remarkable year, PS Kenya extends warm wishes to all our partners, supporters, and the communities we serve. Your unwavering commitment and collaboration have been the driving force behind our shared successes. Together, we have achieved significant milestones in advancing healthcare, awareness, and community development.

From community health campaigns to innovative initiatives, our collective efforts have undoubtedly made a positive impact on the lives of many. Your support has been instrumental in advancing our mission, and for that, we express our heartfelt gratitude.

As communal as the season is, it releases echoes of community engagement. Sensitising each other towards health and wellness. PS Kenya rides on these very wings to encourage everyone to consider good health. Amidst the exchange of platters, recipes, and festive bouffe feasts, let us promote well-being. To ensure a healthy and happy holiday season.

PS Kenya extends warm wishes for a joyful, healthy, and memorable holiday season. May the spirit of Christmas inspire us to continue our efforts to promote a healthier and happier future for all.

Happy Holidays from PS Kenya!

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