Success of Contact Tracing by Private Health Providers -Case of Ankara Medical Center, Garissa

Patient by the name ‘Joseph’, visited Ankara Medical one morning, with history of Chronic cough, night sweats and loss of weight. He gave history of having visited several hospitals where he has been treated Pneumonia and Bronchitis at Madogo Village for a period of 4 months. The facility having been sensitized on early TB case finding through the public private mix initiative supported by PS Kenya.

The patient was screened and sputum was taken by the motor rider (supporting sample networking) and delivered at Garissa county referral Hospital Gene x-pert site. The sample was examined and result was brought to the facility the next day morning, showing high level TB detected.

The patient was contacted the on same day by Ankara Medical Center and later referred to TB Manyatta to started TB treatment. A linkage assistant (CHV) supporting the Ankara Medical Center was contacted to initiate Contact tracing of the family members (contacts) immediately. The immediate family members (wife & children) were linked to Ankara medical Centre where they were screened for TB and sputum samples transported to Garissa County Hospital for Gene X- pert testing. The result came the next morning showing that the wife had TB. She was referred for TB treatment Garissa County referral Hospital. Because of distance the children were later taken to Madogo Health center in Bura Sub County, Tana River (which is near their home) for further evaluation. Ankara prides on its robust focus on lung health for their clients of which the said family benefited from.

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