Going Beyond Stigmatization: Case Story By Kicoshep Community Based Organization

At the inception of HIVST program, PS Kenya onboarded 7 CBO’s to facilitate the community distribution of the HIVST kits. KICOSHEP was one of the CBO’s that was brought on board. Kicoshep is an organization that support people living with HIV and AIDS and ensures that positive clients adhere to treatment and live a positive life. Kicoshep in partnership with Population Service Kenya conducts community outreaches for HIV Self -Testing project in Langata. Sub County, These includes the 5 wards of Highrise, Mugumoini, Karen, Nairobi west and South C.

In one of the follow up, a client shared this story:

A client whose name has been held for purposes of confidentially turned reactive in one of our community HIVST Distribution outreaches. He was referred to Coptic hospital for further management and enrollment on ARVs.

One day he came back to Kicoshep and told us that he was very scared about his status but realized that one of his colleagues is taking ARVs and nobody knew what drugs he was taking. Staff knew he had a chest problem that has turned to asthmatic.

One day as they were at work the drugs dropped down and the client was the one who picked the drugs and when he looked at them it resembled what he had been given at Coptic Hospital.

He was bold enough and told him quietly that I also take the same drug.  The colleague was very afraid and told him not to tell anybody. 

He shared how Kicoshep supports people and encouraged him to be strong and take his ARVs as prescribed. Today they are good friends who support one another and they choose what to eat at lunch time and only healthy balanced food. They are great friends and thank Kicoshep for their follow up and support.

The two now remind each other of their appointments and Kicoshep helped them to fight the self-stigma and their families now supports then very well.

Note that the following make follow up a success:

  • Activity of daily living: Find out how the client is doing and what he does daily
  • Problem/Need:  Find out if the client has problem or need it could be physical, psychological or spiritual
  • Care to be provided;  state what you have done it could be counselling,
  • Evaluation the progress

 In conclusion Positive living, honouring clinic days and counselling prolong life.

Case taken by: Sophie Donde 20/5/2021

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