Dr. Margaret Njenga, Population Services Kenya’s Chief Executive Officer says, “We need to act to translate words to deeds and device the systems that will create sustainable health investments.”

It’s the time of the year when most folks are glued to their notebooks and notepads writing their resolutions and proactively planning for the year. At such a time as this, a resolute mind is characterized by crisscrossing thoughts and ideas of how to navigate the year in the most befitting manner and make it a memorable experience. As we are all on this, we should consider the nerve center of our being, better health and well-being.

Have you given this a thought?  Have you allocated sufficient budget to it or put-up preventive measures? If not, let’s get back to our strategy board and design proactive measures. We are in an age when the rate of emerging ailments is exponentially growing, marking the importance of prioritizing health and wellness.

According to research statistics, over three new human pathogen species have been found annually on average since 1980. Although viruses still make up only a small portion (less than 14%) of all known human disease species, which have accounted for about 75% of these.

In a world marked by rapidly evolving lifestyles, proactively investing resources to safeguard  our well-being should be at the forefront of our priorities rather than waiting for health issues to arise and then seeking solutions. A wise person in 2024, understands the significance of preemptive action which involves several routines for example, regular exercise, a balanced diet, mental well-being practices and generally living healthy.

By cultivating these habits, one not only strengthens the body against potential diseases but also establishes a foundation for a fulfilling life. As it is widely accepted, happiness in life is parallel to having stability in many aspects, one being, better health conditions.Therefore, one of the ways of having a remarkable 2024, is by investing in your health.

Essentially, the highest form of wisdom in 2024, lies in the foresight to cherish and safeguard the nerve of our existence, our health, lest the obstacles of time escalate the difficulty of prevention.

The COVID -19 pandemic and other health related complications have exposed the vulnerability of our health, cautioning us against laxity and complacency as afar as our well-being is concerned. Walking through the tumultuous season when the pandemic brought all to a standstill, opened us to a harsh reality, that we all are at the mercy of proactive actions; lest we perish in the face of emerging diseases.

Population services Kenya, through her programs and respective projects, has taken the lead in proactively rolling out initiatives that will ensure we proactively taken necessary caution and preventive measure to ensure we achieve better heal and well-being for all. One key role out is that launch of the new five year strategic plan whose purpose statement is better health and well-being.

The CEO, Dr. Margaret in her new year welcoming remarks, reassures Sara, stakeholders, and partners, of the organization’s commitment to this mandate, she says “We are excited about starting the year 2024, we start with a very high note, with the beginning of our strategic plan which will run for the next five years from 2024 to 2029. Our purpose statement is better health and well-being for all, and we are very excited about working with other stakeholders, collaborating with key players towards ensuring there is better health and well-being for all.”

In conclusion, in 2024 taking care of our health and wellbeing will be a wise investment in our future rather than a luxury. Through proactive management of our physical and mental health, we may effectively confront the challenges presented by our ever-changing world. Remember leading a healthy and balanced life is a lifetime endeavour rather than merely a goal for 2024.

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