Population Services Kenya prides itself in contributing towards improved health outcomes for Kenyans through a robust health system strengthening model, a human-centered social behavior change approach, social marketing and service delivery. This has been achieved through vibrant advocacy leveraging strategic collaborations with the Ministry of Health and other partners. Armed with over three decades of experience in tackling critical public health challenges such as HIV & TB, Malaria, Reproductive Health, Maternal and Child Health ((RMNCAH), Water and Sanitation, Nutrition, and Non-Communicable Diseases, PS Kenya has embarked on a new chapter with the launch of a five-year strategic plan (2024-2028). This comprehensive roadmap points us to a broader, yet precise vision that is set on being the leader in delivering sustainable health impact and private health sector engagement. 

The unveiling of the five-year plan coincided with the introduction of PS Kenya’s new purpose statement: “Better health and wellbeing,” alongside the debut of the updated PS Kenya logo symbolizing PS Kenya’s commitment to progress and positive change. This purpose statement underscores our unmatched and unwavering dedication to improving the life of Sara and fortify the healthcare systems in Kenya.   

This plan serves as a blueprint for both present and future engagements, outlining key goals and objectives designed to generate significant impact. These are: 

  • Enhancing Health Service Delivery and Social Behavior Change: A commitment to enhance health service delivery by improving the technical capacity, availability of services and contributing towards Universal Healthcare Coverage. 
  • Strengthening Private Sector Engagement: A commitment to meet more private sector needs by strengthening service delivery through facilitating strategic partnerships and contributing towards Universal Health Coverage. 
  • Growing Health Products Portfolio: A commitment to meet more private sector needs by strengthening health product delivery. 
  • People and Culture: A commitment to ensure that the organization can effectively meet its goals by attracting and retaining talent. 
  • Operational Effectiveness: A commitment to achieving continuous improvement in processes & knowledge management and promoting sustainable business practices. 

Speaking during the unveiling of the 2024-2028 strategy, Dr. Margaret Njenga, CEO of PS Kenya, appreciated the endless support, focus, and commitment directed towards the development of the plan.  

“This launch marks a landmark for PS Kenya. With a renewed focus on ‘Better health and wellbeing,’ we are charting a course for a healthier future. This plan outlines our commitment to empowering individuals and communities to thrive.” 

Populations Service Kenya’s launch of the strategic plan marks a significant step forward in the organization’s mission to accelerate the achievement of positive health outcomes for 

Kenyans by fostering meaningful partnerships, leveraging technology, harnessing innovative solutions and health expertise, and sustainably delivering transformative impact in Kenya.  Additionally, with a renewed commitment to people-centered initiatives both internally among staff and externally among communities and populations, PS Kenya is poised to profoundly impact the realm of healthcare in Kenya. Its vision to be the leader in delivering sustainable health impact and private health sector engagement is set to be achieved through targeted approaches inter-alia building strong partnerships, promoting private sector engagement and designing and implementing sustainable health interventions. 

The achievement of these aspirations and audacious goals will accentuate our winning core values abbreviated as “eeriic”- efficiency, empowerment, results-oriented, integrity, innovation and collaboration. With these, our value proposition falls nothing short of impactful results delivery to our partners (government- both national and county- and development partners), as well as improving the life of Sara, the core focus of all our work. 

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