Story of MA on Rescue and Access to Justice

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Sexual Violence


3 Years



Background of the client

MA is a three-year-old from Kibera under the care of his single mother.


Intake – Background

MA was brought in by his mother and step farther. The child had a swollen face and throat and experienced pain while urinating. In addition to that, he was unable to hold stool. The mother revealed that the child had been sodomised by the stepfather who was present in the session. The survivor also revealed that the stepfather (Nyayo) also put his chululu (penis) in the boy’s mouth. The father had also put the boy’s penis in his own mouth.

MA was taken in at Nairobi Women’s Hospital- Adams branch with a swollen face and inflamed throat. It was reported that the survivor has been complaining that the stepfather would defile him by inserting his fingers into his genital area. However, the mother had not been keen on listening to the complaints. It was also reported that in the presence of his mother, the survivor would occasionally ask the perpetrator to insert his fingers and repeat what he had done. However, the mother still could not understand.

GVRC staffs intervened   and alert to kilimani police station to arrest the perpetrator. The police were prompt in response and arrested the perpetrator and ensured that they took the statements from both the mother and the boy.

Medical Examination

Medical examination was performed MN had anal incontinence and was taken in for a surgical procedure.

Treatment Plan

-Theater procedure was performed. 

– Psychological support

-Follow doctor’s advice and prescription

Discharge from the hospital

After 6 days of treatment, the survivor together with his mother and sister were taken to a shelter in Karen for safety with a plan to reintegrate them back home in Changamwe, Mombasa.


Access to Justice

On 12th January 2021, the survivor and his mother travelled from Changamwe to Nairobi where he testified on 13th January 2021 at Makadara Law Courts chambers. The case is still ongoing.

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