SaraMed Clinic Management System, (SaraMed CMS)

PS Kenya has been working with the Tunza family health network for over 10 years to enhance their capacity to deliver quality primary health care and to build sustainable health care businesses. Over the years, PS Kenya has worked with more than 500 Tunza facilities to build their competence in primary health care provision, set up quality assurance/improvement mechanisms, build their business and financial acumen, and facilitate access to credit; all this towards transforming them into sustainable health care businesses offering quality, affordable healthcare.
As part of this journey, guided by the needs of the franchise members and informed by lessons gathered by working with the social franchise for over 10 years, PS Kenya has designed and developed the SaraMed Clinic Management System, whose purpose is to help clinics manage health care more effectively, resulting in better health outcomes, increased client volumes, and revenue by capitalizing on efficiency gains presented by digitalization.
The SaraMed Clinic Management System has been co-created with the health providers, making it very relevant to the context and responsive to their needs. The system is fully owned by PS Kenya and locally developed to respond to the clinics’ needs. It aims to make work easier for clinics through the elimination of manual processes.

Benefits of the SaraMed System

  • All files will be kept in the system and not in the form of hardcopy client files.
  • Clinicians are able to avoid making errors when filing patients’ medical records. 
  • It reduces the duplication of tests and delays in treatment​.
  • The accounting functionality provides precise data analytics by revenue stream and enables a facility to keep track of all their financial transactions for transparency.
  • Offers inventory, procurement and human resource management system for monitoring clinic workflows and resources
  • Makes it easy to keep track of patient records and treatment history​
  • Standardized and real-time clinical and financial data. 
  • Improved record management thus reducing revenue loss.  
  • Provides tracking of the facility’s financial transactions  
  • Efficient report submission​
  • Enhanced customer experience through standardized work/patient clinic flow.  
  • Enables easy tracking and monitoring of staff performance​.
  • Enables Ministry of Health report customization​.

Are you looking for a robust management system to automate your health business operations and help you increase your client volumes and revenue by capitalizing on efficiency gains presented by improved clinic operations? Saramed Clinic Management system is your solution.
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