On May 14th to 16th, 2024, PS Kenya participated in the Inclusive Africa Conference 2024 through the DESIP programme. This annual conference focuses on promoting digital accessibility and assistive technology for individuals with disabilities across the continent.

The conference has played a vital role in advancing digital accessibility and assistive technology for individuals with disabilities by bringing together stakeholders, experts, and advocates to discuss and promote the agenda of disability inclusion and technological advancements.

The DESIP programme, which stands for Delivering Equitable and Sustainable Increases in Family Planning, is a six year programme funded by UK Aid. Its aim is to improve reproductive health and family planning in Kenya, specifically in counties with modern contraceptive prevalence rates (mCPR) below 45%.

The primary objective of DESIP is to contribute to reducing maternal, newborn, and child mortality by increasing the mCPR in Kenya. Through the programme, significant progress has been made in providing better access to family planning resources and services, empowering women and girls to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.

During the conference, Dr. Pahe, PS Kenya’s Reproductive Health Director, emphasized the importance of accessible reproductive health services for all women, including those with disabilities. This highlighted our commitment to inclusivity and equitable health solutions for every Kenyan.

“The DESIP programme is not just about numbers; it’s about ensuring that every woman and girl, regardless of her background or abilities, has the right to make informed choices about her reproductive health. Our participation in the Inclusive Africa Conference underscores our dedication to making reproductive health services accessible to all,” said Dr. Pahe.

During the first five years of the programme’s implementation, DESIP has successfully reached over 2000 Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) across various counties in Kenya. This achievement underscores the programme’s dedication to inclusivity and ensuring that its health initiatives are accessible to all, particularly the marginalized and underserved populations.

PS Kenya’s participation in this year’s conference was a clear indication that improving access to technology and health services for individuals with disabilities is central to us, hence pushing towards achieving broader health and development goals within the country.

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