How PS Kenya Ensures Quality and Affordable Health Products and Services.

Population Services Kenya (PS Kenya) is at the forefront of using social marketing to make essential health products more accessible and affordable for all Kenyans. By strategically combining behavior-change activities with effective sales and distribution strategies, PS Kenya ensures that vital health products reach people across the country, improving overall public health.

PS Kenya collaborates closely with the private sector to enhance access to key health products, focusing especially on peri-urban and rural areas. Their operations cover all 47 counties in Kenya, ensuring a wide reach. Among the key products we offer are Trust Condoms, Femiplan Oral Contraceptive (OC) Pills, Femiject Family Planning Injections, Waterguard Safe Water Solution, and HIV Self-Testing Kits.

These products are crucial for public health, and PS Kenya’s efforts have made a significant impact. For instance, Femiplan OC pills and socially marketed condoms constitute a large portion of the market, with Femiplan OC pills making up 65% and condoms 20% of their respective markets.

PS Kenya has built a robust distribution network to ensure these products are available where they are needed most. They work with 24 regional distributors who supply over 700 wholesalers. These wholesalers then distribute products to a vast network that includes 23 community-based organizations, 66,000 retail outlets, 3,500 pharmacies, and 1,586 clinics. This extensive network ensures that PS Kenya’s products are accessible to a wide audience, making a significant difference in public health outcomes.

In the year 2023 PS Kenya distributed 24.7 million condoms, 4.7 million oral contraceptive pills (the highest number since their inception), 39,000 three-month family planning injections, and 7,000 HIV self-testing kits. These achievements were made possible through targeted trade promotions, retail drives, and special trade offers designed to increase the visibility and availability of their products.

PS Kenya’s social marketing arm also achieved financial sustainability by covering all its costs through sales, a significant milestone that ensures the longevity and impact of their efforts.

In addition to reproductive health products, PS Kenya has made a substantial contribution to water safety by providing 1.2 billion liters of treated, safe water through the distribution of Waterguard water sterilizers, P&G water purifiers, and Aquatabs chlorine tablets. These products are essential for preventing waterborne diseases and improving the overall health of communities.

To effectively reach their target audiences, PS Kenya relies heavily on digital marketing. By sharing relevant and engaging content across various social media platforms, they have successfully raised awareness and encouraged the use of their health products. This digital approach allows them to connect with a broad audience and promote health behaviors that can lead to better health outcomes.

Through these comprehensive efforts, PS Kenya has ensured that essential health products are both high-quality and affordable. Their innovative approach to social marketing, coupled with strong partnerships and a robust distribution network, continues to improve public health across Kenya. By addressing the needs of both urban and rural populations, PS Kenya is making a lasting impact on the health and well-being of the nation.

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