Under the USAID APHIAIplus HCM (2012 – 2016), PS Kenya supported the Unit of Vaccine and Immunization Services (UVIS) to increase immunization coverage at health facilities through SBCC campaigns. Key achievements Increased uptake of routine immunization, reaching 17,017 children <2 years old and increased 70.3% at baseline to 78.4% at the end line of caregivers who completed the immunization schedule for the children and increased awareness rate of rotavirus vaccine from 18.4% to 48.7%.

USAID AFYA HALISI Program (2017 – 2020), PS Kenya on child health and immunization campaign achieved 40,154 children <1 year fully immunized and 44,073 children <1 year received the 3rd dose of DPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus) containing vaccine.

Under USAID HCM (2016-2021), PS Kenya reached 291 children <2 years of age with immunization services through immunization outreaches and screened 4,313