Overview of PS Kenya

Population Services Kenya (PS Kenya) has been measurably improving the health of Kenyans since 1989. Our approach harnesses the vitality of the private sector to improve health outcomes for “Sara”- our archetype that focuses our interventions. We address the most serious health challenges affecting resource – poor and vulnerable communities in Kenya, including HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, non-communicable diseases and the greatest threats to children under five including malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia and malnutrition.


PS Kenya is the leader in strengthening health markets, empowering Kenyans to make healthy choices.


Our Mission is to measurably improve the health of Kenyans by promoting functional, sustainable and healthy markets, increasing demand for and access to quality and affordable health products and services.

our core values

Hero Of Our Story

Our focus is to serve Sara, the Hero of our story.She is at the centre of our strategic plan: her disease burden, her Family Planning needs, her health seeking behaviour and requirement solutions to survive and thrive.

We intend to follow Sara’s health seeking needs. We have learned that viewing health areas as isolated silos ignores the fact that Sara and her family have cross-cutting needs in multiple health areas, from Family planning to HIV to health threats affecting her children.

Sara predominantly seeks health solutions from private providers who can address many different needs in one convenient location. This presents a vast opportunity for PS Kenya, a leader of social franchising in Kenya to expand and improve the quality of information and services Sara accesses from the private sector providers 

Transition to PS Kenya

After 25 years of successful operations in Kenya we recognize that Kenya – and our organization – has come a long way. The challenges we face today are, while considerable, greatly different than the days when our program was established. In recognition of that evolution, from 2014, PSI’s operations and people transitioned to a locally registered, independent, Kenyan entity. By doing so, we ensured that Population Services Kenya or “PS Kenya” is well positioned to substantially improve the health of Sara for years to come. This transition comes from one strength. We’ve been led by exceptional Kenyan management teams, supported by strong and mature systems, and guided by a wise and diverse board. We believe a locally led and governed organization is well positioned to work with the Government of Kenya (GoK) and donors to deliver local solutions driven by best global practices. PSI will continue to provide technical assistance and support to PS Kenya throughout this transition, and beyond.

where we work

A key strength of PS Kenya is our commitment to the principle that health services and products are most effective when they are accompanied by robust communications and distribution efforts that help ensure wide acceptance and proper use. Therefore we work in 42 out of 47 counties in Kenya partnering with the national and county governments, ministry of health and other local NGOs to create health solutions that impacts Sara’s health for the long-haul.


PS Kenya is honoured to be served by a diligent and passionate leadership comprising of individuals with a range of qualities, wisdom and experience to drive our passion for meeting Sara’s health needs

Ps Kenya Board Of Directors

Ps Kenya Senior Leadership