A decade of transforming lives through quality health care

Our 10 Year Journey

In 2008, we began a journey that provided over 3.5 million Kenyans with better healthcare services each year. Population Services Kenya (PS Kenya) established the Tunza Family Health Network (Tunza) to offer quality and affordable services to ordinary people across the country.

We started by offering support in a single health area: family planning. Today, Tunza is a household name that is known as a one-stop network that provided primary healthcare services to millions of Kenyans. The network had a membership of over 400 facilities in 39 out of 47 counties in Kenya. Our multifaceted approach of partnering with the government, healthcare providers, and development partners to deliver quality healthcare fueled our growth over the last decade.

Tunza at Ten was at an exciting threshold – as we took stock of our years of growth and learning and the transformation we had seeded, we looked boldly into the harvest of the future, access to quality healthcare for all at an affordable price.

This is our journey.

Celebratory book