SaraMed CMS

As part of PS Kenya’s strategy to offer sustainable franchise benefits to its’ Tunza Family Health Network franchisees guided by the needs of the network members and informed by learnings gathered by working with Tunza franchise for over 10 years, PS Kenya has designed and developed the SaraMed Clinic Management System (SaraMed CMS) whose principal objective is to help clinics increase their client volumes and revenue by capitalizing on efficiency gains presented by improved clinic operations because of automation.

SaraMed CMS is a Health Management Information System (HMIS) developed out of experience working with Tunza franchisees on various health areas, quality improvement programs as well as various health system strengthening interventions and the learnings from working with different third-party vendors in the implementation of various HMIS’s to support the Tunza network clinics improve their business systems.​

It is fully owned by PS Kenya and locally developed to respond to the clinics’ ever evolving and diverse needs.​

The principal objective of developing SaraMed is to help clinics increase client volumes and revenue by capitalizing on efficiency gains presented by improved clinic operations because of automation.​

SaraMed CMS aims to help the health facilities focus on their core business of providing Fast, Accessible, Quick and Quality health care services by eliminating costly and and out-dated paperwork.

Why Saramed?

  • Hardware Specifications.
  • SaraMed CMS is built to be robust but not demanding of high-spec hardware infrastructure to run the software. Medium spec/refurbished servers and/or desktops can be utilized to and upgraded as and when the workload demands it.​

  • The Software​
  • Built on open-source technology from the server operating system to the database used as well as packages that run the software. ​Being a web application, roll-out is easy to other work stations as it is reliant on just a web browser. There is no need for installation of the system on the individual work stations.​ SaraMed CMS has been programmed and coded using advanced programming  language that ensures data security, easy adaptation of the system features and functionality, and enhanced user interface.

  • Data Security​
  • Users are mapped to specific roles in the system as specified by their Job description – each user profile is password protected.​ Data back-up; SaraMed CMS utilizes both onsite (RAID & External HDD) and offsite (cloud Back-up) data back–up technologies to secure the clients data.​ Provides accurate and timely audit trails​

  • Good user experience and interface​
  • Simple to learn modules and user friendly interface to allow for easier training of users. Onboarding of new users is effortless as the learning curve is low.​

  • Customizable features​
  • The modules are not static and can be configured to be in-line with the facilities needs and preferences.

  • User Support​
  • SaraMed CMS offers a dedicated support team that is available around the clock to troubleshoot any issues the system users might come across.​

  • Reports Module​
  • SaraMed CMS will offer one touch, Click of a button access to MOH Reports; both Registers and Summary tools. Tools identified as vital;​ MOH 705A & 705B, 711, 710, 717​, MOH 505 – Weekly IDSR​, MOH 706​, and MOH 643

SaraMed Benefits

  • Offers automated client management and reporting
  • Easy input, collection, archival, and retrieval of patient records​
  • Easy access to client service, diagnostic, and treatment data ​
  • Standardized and real-time clinical and financial data​
  • Improved inventory management reducing revenue loss​
  • Provides a trackable Audit trail of financial transactions for transparency​
  • Efficient report submission​
  • Enhanced customer experience through standardized work/patient clinic flow.​
  • Enables easy monitoring of services and staff performance​
  • MOH reports e.g., MOH 705A & B, MOH 710, 711, 717 and MOH 505
  • The accounting functionality provides precise data analytics by revenue stream​
  • Offers a one stop shop for all your organization processes and procedures e.g., Finance and accounting, Procurement, HR & Payroll…