Digital Locator

Did you know you can find COVID-19 Vaccine at a facility of your choice?

The facility locator tool is a web-based application developed to enable users search for MoH approved facilities that are offering COVID-19 vaccine services. We have mapped 430 facilities country wide. On the facility locator tool, you can:

  1. Search for a facility by name or town.
  2. Get the average distance of the facility from your current location.
  3. Find out the operating hours of the facility.
  4. Get a phone number for the facility.

What’s great about the locator tool?

It is now much easier to plan your visit to facility because with the facility locator,

  1. You can find a facility offering COVID-19 vaccine services from the comfort your home.
  2. No more guessing or making numerous phone calls trying to get your loved ones or you vaccinated you, we provide the phone number to the facility.
  3. You can now plan you visit better because we provide the operating hours of the facility.

Click here to get the COVID-19 Digital Locator Tool