Enduring Gender Based Violence Due To Lack of Financial Independence: Case of P.T.E

Introduction/Background of the client

P.T.E. is a 30-year-old female and a mother of one child. She presented at GVRC on 28/01/2021 with history of physical assault by her husband secondary to domestic issues. P.T.E. further told the counsellor that she is a orphan and a survivor of an abusive childhood. She reported that she was overly dependent on the husband financially.


The complexity of total financial dependency on one partner in marriage relationship may often result to power control. With such dependency, there is always a likelihood of physical, psychological, and emotional abuse. The dependant partner may be compelled to live in the abuse for having no other alternative, and for the reasons of fear of leaving her children.


MSE test was conducted by the counsellor and the results showed that the client was distraught; she was exhibiting a lot of bitterness. P.T.E. was taken through psychological first aid and psycho-educated on the cycle of domestic violence to be aware of possible recurrence of abuse. On physical observation, she presented with excruciating pain on her left hand, which was very swollen. She also had multiple cut wounds on her head and complained of severe headache. She was referred to the doctor for medical attention and placed in DOVE support group.


P.T.E.s cut wounds were cleaned and sutured. The doctor ordered x-rays on her arm and from the doctor’s findings, the X-rays revealed fracture of distal ulna. She was referred to physiotherapy where a Backslap was placed by waiting for the swelling to reduce to place a full cylinder Plaster of Paris after 4 days.

P.T.E. came for follow-up on 2nd January whereby a full cylinder plaster of Paris was applied after the doctor confirmed reduction of swelling on her arm. She reported that she was still being housed by a friend in Kawangware. During the session Client was further psycho-educated on the cycle of domestic violence and the need to organize her lifestyle with her child. She was given an appointment to come back on 23rd February 2021 for physiotherapy review. GVRC referred her to CREAW for legal intervention, after she sought advice to seek access to justice.



During the April, support groups session, the client reported she had moved out of her abusive relationship and relocated to Kibra. She believed the move was a result of empowerment from the support group. She also got a referral for a job as a Day-Care child attendant at an institution in Karen. From the economic empowerment sessions at GVRC, she was able to buy ground nuts from her first salary at the Day care, which she was roasting herself, pack and sell to the staff at the Day care Centre. She joyfully reported that the project supplements her daily needs on food. She also joined a women group at her local church, in which the members were doing table banking empowerment project. She felt this was a very encouraging venture, considering that the members embraced her initiative of groundnuts side hustle. She is an active participant in DOVE and is in her 7th month.

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